Castle of Glass

IMG_5070 IMG_5068 IMG_5056 IMG_5046 IMG_5072 IMG_5039
| Coat – Primark | Dress – Forever 21 | Shirt – Next | Shoes – Adidas Superstars | Bag – New Look | Sunglasses – Missguided |

It’s easter break! Which means I’m actually having time to blog again. My current 3 projects are almost finished, ready to sumbit to keep my easter free. I go on tour with the Ravens in Salou in just over a week, it’s mad how quickly it’s gone! I remember booking it in about october/november thinking I had absolutely ages. The first year of uni has absolutely flown by, I’m actually quite sad. I don’t want the rest of university to go this quickly, it’s been the best months of my life so far.

Anyways this was an outfit I threw together for a friends marketing project at university, it was a spacey/futuristic theme so I decided on my gun metal metallic dress and iridescent bag along with white and grey pieces.


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So I finalllllllllllly got around to filming and editing again since READING last year (Aug 2014)! It’s aGet Ready with Me for Game Day!



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The Young Ones

DSC_0013 DSC_0017 DSC_0032 DSC_0045 DSC_0033 DSC_0039| Crop Top – Primark/DIY | Shirt – Next | Leather Jacket – Primark | Denim Jacket – Step Sisters | Boots – Dr Martens |

About a week or so ago, I had to style and model for a photo shoot for my step sister, who is a 3rd year Fashion Graphics student at the same university as me. The concept was to style everday outfits based on how a Dr Martens fan would. I myself am one so this was easy enough for me! I thought I’d share two of the looks with you and this is the first one.

Over the weekend I’ve had Tom down at Southampton with me and I’ve had a lovely time, including the biggest game of our American Football team’s season – Team Solent Redhawks vs. University of Southampton Stags. We won in a 22-0 great victory! I’ve popped some pictures in for you here

Girl 🏈🎀💜

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

Thank You to Thomas for these lovely pictures from the game. ♥


*Also I’d just like to say I’m not advertising alcohol to all of my readers, it was simply a prop for the photoshoot* 

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(Catch Up) Back at University & Health, Fitness Changes.

Long break between posts again, I know I’m sorry! But, I’ve been back at University for a few weeks now and have been getting into the routine of things again. It’s been pretty hectic! Taking on another 3 new assignments, getting back into Game Days, I do love being busy but, once again my blogging has taken a hit during that time!

I just wanted to talk about how I’ve been the past few months, the main change has become since I joined the Solent Ravens cheerleading squad (I’m just on the Game Day team this year). Since I started cheering, my health has become better, I’m much more fit, more toned and much more flexible! All this adding up has made my self-confidence rocket and it’s incredible. I’ve had a steady gym time table, healthier diet and have been stretching nearly every night for about two months, the result of this has been so good to me. On that note – I wasn’t even able to touch the floor with my finger tips when I began, now I can reach back and almost pull a scale which is a huge thing for me.

This was just a quick little catchup before bed again but I’m really enjoying myself at the moment. Loves ♥


A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

Finally back to game day tomorrow 🏈🎀

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

@chelsgaiger @chloemckechnie95 💜

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

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Uni Modelling Snaps

This is just going to be a general chit-chatty sort of post as I’m back home for Christmas now for a few weeks! I got back on the 12th from down Southampton and I’m realising how much I miss being down there. It’s so strange not seeing my flat every day and going to university, doing student things. Also being close to everything! Back home in my little village I’m so isolated from everywhere which sucks. But it’s given me a chance to finish off my last two assignments for this semester which is a huge relief, I’ve also been back working at my local Next store which is nice to see all my friends and get into some stuff that I’m familiar with.

Anyways, this post was just going to be showing you some previews of some modelling I did for a friend of mine for our Styling Fundamentals project. I’ve become much more confident in front of the camera since started the course at Solent and it’s helped me in other ways too!

Modelling for @sophie_bennett 📷

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

Modelling for @sophie_bennett 📷

A photo posted by Kiwi ⚓️ (@kiralaurenj) on

Talk soon, mwah


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What You Know

DSC_0079 DSC_0092 DSC_0088 DSC_0084 DSC_0096 DSC_0085HYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

I told you I was back into the swing of things! This was just what I was wearing the other day before me and Sophie went to shoot some editorials for our course! I feel like my style has changed a lot since coming to university, it’s pretty strang actually. Less sporty, more classic grungy.

Ps. Thanks for the jacket Sophie, love you 5ever


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The Wolfpack / (Back Into Blogging Again)

DSC_9970 DSC_9977 DSC_9982 DSC_9989 DSC_9983 DSC_9991 DSC_9997 DSC_9990

<a href=””>HYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU</a&gt;

It’s been far too long! I haven’t posted on here in what feels like forever – but finally after settling into uni and getting prepared for my first hand in I feel like I have the time to get back into this. I’ve missed it too much to just give it up. So me and Sophie from Set In Style are actually on the same course together at Southampton Solent University and we’ve asked eachother to model for our editorial trend pieces – we thought we may as well grab some blogging pictures while we were at it. I’m still trying to find nice locations for blogging around my area of Halls but we’re getting there!

Anyway – I’m literally loving my course at university and loving living down here in Southampton. I’ve settled in perfectly and it definitely feels like a second home to me. Getting back into the swing of things is feeling great.


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IMG_4850 IMG_4891 IMG_4855 IMG_4853 IMG_4886   IMG_4969 IMG_4910 IMG_4930IMG_4962
| Dress – c/o Blue Vanilla | Jacket – Nasty Gal | Hat – Primark | Boots – Dr Marten/Thrifted | Sunglasses – Borrowed From Flatmate ♥ |

Finally got around to shooting some outfit pictures now I’m down here. It’s always difficult to find a nice backdrop! I was kindly sent this dress to review by Blue Vanilla… It’s such a pretty dress but I’m not a very dress-up kind of girl, so I thought I’d set myself the challenge to show you how you can dress things like this down. The only thing I can recommend is to only go for a dress with this shape if you have curves in the right places… (basically I don’t have the boobs for this). Gorgeous dress though.


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Embracing The Pale: Week 1-3 / General Life Update

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a long while! However, it’s been freshers fortnight at university and I feel like I’ve just been so busy and had no time to just sit and blog. As I said a few posts back, I’ve decided to hand in the St Moriz and tanning mitts. I was sick of feeling like I had to look like someone else, the population’s idea of beauty, not my own. All shades of skin are beautiful. It’s been hard not to go straight back to it, looking ill on nights out with groups of my uni girls and practically glowing was difficult at first (my best uni friend is so tanned which doesn’t help!) but now I’ve gotten used to it I feel so much more myself. I’m really settling into my own skin since moving down here. I also got my tattoo that I designed to cover up a hard past and start fresh and all I’ve had is compliments which has boosted my confidence of my drawing skills that I haven’t used in so long too.

Uni’s going amazing as well, my course is incredible and just what I want/where I want to be at. We’re in the middle of planning our 2nd shoot now. I modelled last week for my group which was strange as all I’m used to is modelling in front of my boyfriend or a fellow blogger for a standard outfit post. It’s made me feel a lot more confident being asked by two more people to model for their own shoots!

All in all I’m finally becoming the most myself I’ve ever been and have stopped trying to be society’s idea of perfect and I’ve never felt more self confident and comfortable! Talk soon ♥


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Out of The Black

1 DSC_3437 DSC_3456 DSC_3459 DSC_3481 DSC_3529 DSC_3543 DSC_3514 DSC_3516 DSC_3558DSC_3564| Top – C/O The City Rack | Vest/Dress & Shoes – Primark | Skirt – Thrifted | Sunglasses – New Look | Bag – Next | Snapback – Duck Denmark C/O Karma Loop UK |

It feels like forever since I’ve posted! It’s been mad since Thursday, moving into university and all that. It’s hard now and again, missing home and people etc. but I definitely love it here. My flat’s awesome too – so glad there’s no awkwardness and noone that doesn’t get on it makes it so much more comfortable.

This was just an outfit I shot before moving down, we’re on the hunt for some nice backdrops in the city and we will get back to it! It’s so hard to get stuff done during Freshers there is so much going on, all of the time.  The second day in Uni, we set up our first photoshoot and I was model. The theme was white and we decided on a slicked back androgynous look inspired by the Alexander Wang Winchester Shirt. We stuck with a simple white skirt and heavy Dr Martens.

999187_10152260622650997_3266150803354636727_n 10703691_10152260622350997_3425981186904048280_n


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